Why Fauci Has To Go


1. Dr. Fauci has been the face and voice of ‘gloom and doom’ throughout the pandemic and, since stress weakens our immune system, he has, therefore, undoubtedly caused more people to get sick and die from COVID-19.

2. Dr. Fauci has contradicted himself countless times – confusing all of us until we stopped listening altogether – or overreacted by making life changes that put us more in harm’s way or caused us to lose our connections to others and our humanity.

3. Dr. Fauci has taken advantage of the trust Americans put in him to tell us the truth and save us from Covid19. Instead, he used this position to become a celebrity – from having Brad Pitt play him on TV, to throwing out the first pitch, to having an action figure made in his likeness. He has also taken advantage financially, as the highest paid employee in the entire U.S. Federal Government, making close to half a million dollars per year – even more than the President.

4. Our skyrocketing mental health problems (including substance abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD), physical problems (including heart attacks, obesity, chronic illnesses), family problems (including divorce, child abuse, failure of zoom education) and more are attributable to the stress, lockdown mandates and other Covid19 practices that have been put into place based upon Dr. Fauci’s recommendations.

5. Dr. Fauci’s lies – such as his ties to the Wuhan lab and what he really knew about the origins of Coronavirus – were long-suspected by some and are now steadily being revealed. Thanks in part to his newly exposed emails, and other investigations, we all can see he is motivated more by self-interest than the health and well-being of the American people. Whether this makes him an embarrassment to the medical professional, a traitor and/or a criminal is still to be decided… but for now, YOU can stand up and ask to have him fired!

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